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Registration Instructions

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  1. Go to https://howdyhealth.org/
  2. Scroll Down and click on “View all Programs”
  3. We are using the Walk Across Texas! Youth Program
  4. Click “Register” under Walk Across Texas! Youth
  5. Complete the Howdy Health Registration to create your  Howdy Health account
  6. After your account creation, sign in to the Howdy Health Website (This will take you to the dashboard.)
  7. Click on the Youth Dashboard Button.
  8. You will be creating a team
    • Your League is called “Feed the Bears”
    • League Code is watLY-200414-4vkvfQ
  9. Your family is considered a “class”, please include all adults and children.
    • Example – Mom & Dad, 2 brothers and a sister will count as 5 people, 3 males, and 2 females.
    • This will allow you to record all miles for entire family once a week.
    • Example – All family members walk a mile on Monday. That equals 5 miles for Monday. And the family does this 4 times that week. That equals 20 miles for that week. That is what is logged for that week.
  10. Please log miles every week so you can see your progress
  11. There are tutorials on every page to assist you with your sign up.
  12. You may contact the following with questions or concerns:

Thank you for participating.

Program Details

Walk & Talk! Explore a variety of fruits and vegetables as you get in your steps through an 8-week interactive Nutritional Bear Hunt!

Each week will feature a different fruit and vegetable for your family to explore. Participants will receive nutritional information, recipes, and fun supplemental activities for youth.

After you have registered, join our Facebook group (click here) to get weekly information and share your stories!

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